Afbeelding Akita

What many people do not know, is, that Mary gave messages to sister Sasagawa in Akita, Japan. Mary spoke to the sister via the statue of the Lady of All Nations.
This happened for the first time 1973. Already years before the convent of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Adoration had come into contact with the devotion of Amsterdam, and the prioress had a wooden statue made by a Japanese artist after the example of a picture of the “Lady of All Nations”.
Later on an angel also appeared to sister Sasagawa, who together with the sister prayed the prayer of Amsterdam.

There followed a succession of the most miraculous events: healing of deafness,
of blindness, of a tumour.. and several times the statue wept tears of blood; this also happened in the presence of the local Bishop, Mgr. Ito.
All this was conscientiously examined by the University of Akita and found to be authentic.

After ten years of investigations carried out with the permission of Rome, the bishop made known the results and declared emphatically that the apparitions and events were of supernatural origin.

Later on he went on a pilgrimage to Amsterdam as the place of origin of the devotion to the Lady of All Nations and characterized the events in Akita as a confirmation of the apparitions in Amsterdam.

In answer to the written request of Mgr. Bomers, the local bishop of Haarlem/Amsterdam that time, for information about the acknowledgement of Akita and the relation with Amsterdam, Mgr. Ito in 1989 gave an unambiguous reply which allows no doubt whatsoever in this matter.

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