Haarlem, September 18, 2007


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome recently excommunicated some members of a Canadian movement, the so-called “Armee Mariens”, because of an unapproved and invalid priestly ordination. This movement is based upon the “visions” of their founder, Marie-Paule Giguère. She makes reference to various other private revelations, among which are to be found those of Fatima, Paris, and Amsterdam. Above all, she mixes the veneration of “Lady of All Nations” with her own confused ideas and thereby brings discredit to the veneration as a whole.

For example, the founder presents herself as the reincarnation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This movement has been banned by the Canadian bishop’s conference since 1987.

Over thirty years ago, prior to this ban, Marie-Paule Giguère visited Amsterdam. In her writings, she claims that the visionary, Ida Peerdeman, had confirmed her “mission”. According to key witnesses, she did in fact meet with her, but also clearly distanced herself from her. In neither the archives of the Lady of All Nations Foundation nor those of the diocese is to be found any document which would confirm or even indicate the claim made by Ms. Giguère. In the “messages of Amsterdam” there is also not a single text or even a reference which could support her claim regarding a unique “mission”.

In his written answer to a request from the Archbishop of Quebec in 2004, the Bishop of Haarlem (Amsterdam) strictly rejected, “any connection between the veneration of the Lady of All Nations and the movement of Marie-Paule Giguère”. He said it was, “obviously clear, that both the Lady of All Nations Foundation as well as he, himself, totally distance themselves from it”.

In the press, this Canadian movement is confused here and there with the Lady of All Nations Foundation. Let it be clearly said that these two have nothing to do with each other.
The bishop therefore welcomes the declaration by the Congregation for the Faith and hopes that with this the confusion may come to an end so that the beautiful and currently relevant veneration of Mary as the Lady, the Mother of All Nations can develop in its authentic strength.

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