What is the Foundation Lady of All Nations?

The Lady of all Nations Foundation is responsible for the spreading of the devotion to the Lady of All Nations.


The Foundation is responsible for the maintenance and continuity in the chapel in Amsterdam (Diepenbrockstraat 3), and has many publications about the Lady of All Nations.

At least once each year a national day of prayer in honor of the Lady of all Nations is organized in Amsterdam. On that day are usually several speakers from The Netherlands and abroad are present, as well as the Bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam.

Initiatives abroad are supported financially if possible. This includes actions to spread the devotion to the Lady of all Nations in the United States, India, several European countries, and the building of churches in her honor, including the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

“The Family of Mary”

The pastoral care of the chapel of the Lady of All Nations has been entrusted to members of the religious community “Family of Mary”, officially: “Pro Deo et fratribus – Family of Mary (PDF-FM)”, and “Work of Jesus the High Priest “- (Opus JSS)“.

This means that the sisters and fathers who work in the chapel do so with the consent of the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, and in close consultation with the Foundation. They take care of the pastoral work in the chapel and they maintain contacts and handle correspondence in the name of the Foundation.


This website regularly refers to the “Website of the Family of Mary” for more information about the Lady of all Nations. That website is developed under responsibility of the Family of Mary, and offers a lot of information in many different languages. For practical reasons, it was decided not to merge the websites.

We ask for your support

Although the Foundation is not immediately visible, it bears the financial responsibility for the chapel and the former house of the seer, and the spreading of the devotion to the Lady out of there.

That’s why we would like to ask for your support so the chapel can continue to be the center of the veneration of the Lady, and the priests and the sisters there can continue to do their. Would like to support the Lady of all Nations? Look under “Donations“.