for the catholic faithful of the diocese of Haarlem


We, the Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop of Haarlem have, for a long time and in increasing numbers, received requests both from home and abroad. These requests are for us to provide clarification regarding the status of the apparitions of Mary as ‘THE LADY OF ALL NATIONS’, in Amsterdam, during the years 1945-1959.

After ample consideration and consultation of official authorities, we have decided to adopt the following policy in order to provide the required pastoral clarity:

Distinction must be made between the apparitions/messages on the one hand and the Marian title ‘The Lady of All Nations’, on the other hand.

At the moment the Church cannot make a pronouncement about the supernatural character of the apparitions and the content of the messages. One is free to make a personal judgement according to his or her own conscience.

The prayer ‘Lord Jesus Christ…..’ which includes the title ‘The Lady of All Nations’, has since 1951 enjoyed Church approval by Msgr. Huibers, who was Bishop of Haarlem at the time. It is our judgement that there is no objection against the public veneration of The Blessed Virgin Mary under this title.

In an age where races, peoples and cultures are more dependent on each other than ever before – nowhere more so than in Amsterdam – we have confidence in saying that it is exactly this title which throws a clear light on our Lady’s Universal Motherhood and her unique role as ‘women’ in God’s plan of Salvation.

Haarlem, May 31, 1996, the feast of The Visitation of Mary.

Henricus Bomers
Bishop of Haarlem

Jozef Punt
Auxiliary Bishop

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